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Bharat Vansh Nasha Mukti Kendra was established in 2010 at Noida, Uttar Pradesh, as an initiative to help people quit drug related problems and their rehabilitation. With our sincere commitment towards the betterment of our society, we have grown from a 5 bed to 50 bed centre. 

With our 12 Step Programme, we have helped hundreds of people quit their drug/drinking habbit and earned a reputation of one of India's highest recovery rate of 86.23%

Residential Treatment Program


Counselling is necessary for any addict to reform themselves, without which, they may never fully recover. Counselling is an important aspect of de-addiction of substance abuse.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga meditation is the important part of a Rehabilitation Treatment Programme. Yoga and Meditation are one of the most powerful tools to help the person to recover from Alcohol and Drug Addiction.


Physical Therapy or Functional Manual Therapy is a system of treatment which involves complete evaluation and treatment. This includes treatment of soft tissues, joints, muscles and nerves.

12 Step Program

The Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 12-step recovery program is a treatment program for people suffering from alcohol abuse and addiction.

Basic Path to Recovery

Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Consumption of alcohol is one of the biggest problems of our society today. It has affected and ruined life of all class of society. Bharat Vansh nasha mukti kendra has helped hundreds of people by providing them effective solutions for quitting their habbit of alcohol consumption.

Treatment for Drug Addiction

Even if an addict decides to quit, drug carving makes the task difficult. Bharat Vansh Nasha mukti has best courses for drug de-addiction and benefited hundreds of families.


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