Treatment for Drug Addiction
KALPAVAt(Drug Nivaran)

Kalpavat:The major active chemical in marijuana is delta 9-tetra hydrocannabinol (THC) which causes the mind altering effects of marijuana intoxication. The drug used in theses medicines has an ability to block THC's intoxicating effects, which can further prevent relapse to marijuana abuse by reducing or eliminating its appeal.

Anti addictive & natural properties of Kalpwat removes the toxins from within the body. It normalize the body's adrenaline which increases due to drug addiction.

Dose: Daily one pouch after mixing it up with any type of food before or after having Drug/ Addiction. This is a pure ayurvedic medicine with no side effects and the patient can have this medicine even in a situation he is suffering from any other diseases. Patient can also take any other treatment / therapy with this medicine. After the termination of treatment (i.e., after the person has got free from the clutches of addiction), a sympathetic and understanding attitude from family members is essential. Otherwise the person may again seek solace in the undesirable substance.

Price :The price of this medicine is INR 2800 to INR 5000 per month.

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